Rules For Electricians 
By Electricians
Dear Friend,

OK, I know. You're here because you want to know what's in the book.
So Here It Is...
After hearing from hundreds of electricians, most of them probably just like you, there are some eerily similar thoughts that the best electricians share. They are problems that have to be solved. That's what this book is all about!
It is a treasure trove of 100 rules that will do fantastic things for you. Here are some precious nuggets that you’ll mine to make your life and career richer:
  • The single biggest way to eliminate any chance of future work... (see rule #21)
  • A dead giveaway that you’re going to have a difficult time with the task you’re working on for the day (check out Rule #93)
  • A secret ratio almost nobody (except a few, elite, very wealthy people) know about... which can lead to more money in your pocket on almost any project (Giving it to you in Rule #95)
  • A special word that will either motivate or destroy those around you (you’ll want to be careful how and where you use it. Hidden in Rule #43)
  • The one thing you should *ALWAYS* leave behind on a jobsite. 
  • A tool that is scientifically-proven to be dangerous to your health (Unbelievably in Rule #42)
  • An almost foolproof way to stop hating your job… if you hate it. (Rule #22)
  • The number one rule which absolutely... must be observed… for an Electrician to have a long and successful career (The “can’t miss” Rule #1)
  • A little known mistake that is always killing productivity… and costs companies millions. (Rule #96)
  • An exclusive rule from President George Washington… That comes with a little twist… (Rule #35) 
Now who would have thought that good ol’ George would have advice geared specifically to Electricians? You may or may not see it, but different strokes for different folks. Rules can be interpreted and applied in a variety of different ways, and that's why you're gonna learn about:

  • Two more types of electricians… and why you can only be one of them (Rule #46)
  • Why selfies could destroy your career as an electrician… or someone else’s. (Rule #29)
  • One thing you should never skip… and it ain’t lunch (Rule #97)
  • Grandpa’s secret to making sure the day goes well… (Rule #26)
  • The worst way to work when you don’t have to…. (Rule #40) 
  • What new and old electricians should remember about electricity...
  • A simple 3-second "trick" which 100% eliminates your chance of having a bad day on the job. (Note: This "trick" has been used for centuries by the smartest and most successful men in the world.)(Rule #24)
  • One little "question" to ask yourself before and after every project…
  • The 15 most important reasons you should ask questions …. (Rule #100)
  • A very important (but rarely done) "trick" which will end confusion on the job forever! (Rule #34) 
Surely you have experienced a little bit of *on the job confusion*. Who hasn't? In fact it has been reported that 59% of workers say that a lack of communication is the biggest obstacle to success. So if there’s no communication, who wouldn't be confused?! 

But you have to stay confused. 

Want better communication? Then get others’ trust. That's why this book will teach you:

  •  The only quality that will help you gain the trust of almost anyone on any job.
  •  The single biggest thing you can do to ensure success... and... it requires ZERO skill... (regular electricians can't even imagine doing this!)
  •  The incredible "success patterns" which actually give younger electricians an advantage over older electricians!
  •  A very rare fact: Electricians are among the top on the CDC’s suicide list... (Rules 4, 48, and 53 will help cut this number down)
  •  The single most important thing an Electrician can do to guarantee a successful day at work... everyday! (You’ll need to see Rule #3 for this)
  •  Six secrets you need to know... if... you want to be the best that’s ever been. (This is no joke. One of these secrets will make you change the way you do everything once you learn it.) (Hint: It’s Rule #5)
  •  The most important (and most little-known) quality an Electrician *MUST* have if he wants to approach a truly desirable customer... and... have any chance of success! (Customers will overlook everything else except this.) (Don’t overlook Rule #6)
  •  How a j-man or master can help his apprentice find their "groove" which will catapult them into being a better electrician than they would be otherwise.
  •  How to tell if the previous electrician knew what he was doing or not (Most electricians don't have a clue about this little rule... which... always reveals the honest truth about how much they care about what they do.)

    Anyways, I could go on and on. I mean there are 100 rules for crying out loud. And that's just in volume 1 (volumes 2 and 3 are in progress). 

    Don’t get freaked out though. “Rules For Electricians" is an easy read. It's not gonna take a bunch of time to go through, even though it is 100+ pages. And, the best part about it is that *it’s not expensive.*

    It’s a flat $10.95 for the digital version, or $14.95 for the hard copy. 

    It's a steal at twice the price.
    But there are no refunds and all sales are final.
    So if you want to get your dirt stained, calloused, hard working hands on a copy (while I still have some) then just follow these steps:

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